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Exercise for Better Sleep

Hello, sleeping beauty! We know a good night's rest is super important to you. So we’re spilling all the tea on how you can get better sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and skip the under-eye bags.

Studies have shown a significant link between regular exercise and better sleep. So if you have a daily workout routine, it will help you sleep better. But on the flip side, if you don’t get the proper amount of sleep, your body may become sluggish and not have the optimum energy it needs to perform daily activities. There are many benefits to exercise when it comes to sleep, like increasing the efficiency of sleep and improving the quality of rest a deep sleep. Plus, it may reduce the need for sleep medications.

A good bedtime routine helps achieve better sleep. When you get enough sleep each day, your body receives the following benefits:

  • Improved brain function

  • Enhanced emotional health

  • Reduced risks of developing a heart disease

  • Maintenance of healthy weight

  • Improved productivity

Consequently, lack of sleep brings adverse effects on the body, like, exhaustion, weakened immune system, and decreased brain activity. Did we mention tired-looking eyes? Yikes!

One of the easiest ways to improve your sleep is through exercise. Some workouts promote better sleep than others. For example, one exercise routine may help you fall asleep, while another boosts your energy levels and make it difficult for you to get some shut-eye. Also, the time of day you perform your workout matters too.

The best type of workout for great sleep

Consider these exercise methods for your following nightly routine:

  • Low Impact and aerobics like walking, jogging, cycling, and stretching. Promotes lots of breathing and relaxation

  • Resistance Training. Weight light and H.I.I.T works wonders for the body expending energy and releasing tension and energy.

  • Yoga. The happy medium between low impact and resistance training. Using slow movements and body weight to flow from one pose to the next, focusing on breathwork and stretching.

The best time to workout for great sleep

To get better sleep, you should try experimenting with what works for you. Of course, many factors affect your daily schedule, job, school, travel, etc. An early morning or mid-day may workout may fit your lifestyle more. However, according to research, evening workouts have proven to be exceptionally beneficial in achieving healthy sleep and waking up feeling refreshed. Try to end your workout sessions 1-2 hours before you hit the sack; this helps your mind and body wind down.

A good thing to remember is that not all exercises are suitable for an evening workout. For example, if you go for extensive activities, such as intense cardio workouts, running, heavy weightlifting, and similar workouts your body will gain energy, and you will find it difficult to fall asleep. It would help if you also remembered that as bedtime approaches, your body will feel more fatigued, and you may not have the energy to work out safely. This means that you will have to carefully select your workouts if your goal is to improve your sleep during the night.

Getting quality sleep is of essential importance, and regular exercise can help you improve your snooze.

If you need some nighttime routines, you can always try our 15-minute workouts to wind down your day. Also, don’t forget to check out our blog for more healthy tips!


Medically reviewed by Dr. Anis Reham — By Danielle Pacheco updated on May 6, 2022

Medically reviewed by Jake Tipane, CPT — By Lowri Daniels on January 24, 2021

Medically Reviewed by Neha Pathak, MD on September 08, 2022

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