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Time-Saving Hacks to Workout!

Hey Glampions, does this sound familiar? “I don’t have time to work out.” Yup, the top reason most people don’t work out. It would be nice to live in a perfect world where we have time for everything, like catching up on some much-needed Zzzs or folding laundry before it turns into a mountain on our beds for two weeks. However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and most of us deal with hectic schedules daily. As a result, we choose to cut some good and beneficial activities from our lives, such as workouts and regular physical activity. We tell ourselves we don’t have time to exercise, which is a solid excuse. But realistically, we always find time for the things we want to do. Like getting binge-watching another shirtless dating show or getting a mani-pedi. Coffin shape, please! Speaking of nail art… as the famous Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” You can achieve anything you have set your mind to – you need to place your intention for the day, prioritize and organize your time, and you will be on the right track. As modern women, we need to put our health first and find time to be physical to conquer whatever life throws our way. So here are a few tips you can incorporate in your day on how to find time to work out and never let them see you sweat!

1. Wake Up Earlier!

As they say, the early bird gets the worm. The easiest thing you can do… wake up earlier. Easier said than done, but once you get into a rhythm, your day will keep rolling smoothly. You will feel like you have control of the day rather than the day taking control of you. The best part about waking up at 6 am or earlier, your morning should be pretty quiet, other than a few chirping birds. Don’t hit snooze! Waking up early gives you “me time,” the opportunity to take care of yourself first before taking care of everyone and everything else. Powering up your morning with a workout is very beneficial; it helps kick-start your metabolism, gets the blood flowing, and energizes you. Friendly reminder, your training session doesn’t have to be an hour long – even a 15-20-minute exercise routine can do wonders for your body! So set the alarm clock back and watch your mind and body transform.

2. Workout on Lunch Break

Not everyone has the luxury of having a gym at their 9-5, but many companies are putting gyms inside the building to promote corporate health. So, if you are one of the lucky ones with a gym inside your office space… USE IT! That’s what it’s there for. Instead of sitting at your desk for 30-60 minutes during your lunch break, use this time to hit the gym. Of course, I didn’t forget about my work-from-home Glampions. You are already home, so why not. The best part is that you can use your bathroom after, and if you don’t shower… no one will know to expect your cute dog. A HIIT workout that lasts 15-half an hour is excellent at keeping you fit and healthy. You will have plenty of time to return to your office desk and be more energized and productive to finish the day.

3. Power Up your commute

We all need to get somewhere, so how about turning your commute into physical activity? Whether riding your bike to work, walking to grab lunch, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You will find time to exercise if you get creative with how you get around. Even on vacation, many people tend to do nothing, sit around, and use ride-share apps to move throughout the city. Instead, try to keep moving with physical transportation. Like walking, hiking, or even renting a bike in the city to sightsee. Biking is excellent cardio, and it’s less impact on the joints. This method may take more time, but you can manage. So before your next commute, ask yourself how to make this work for your health.

4. Reading on the Treadmill

Ok, Glamps, here’s one of my favorites. You know that book that’s been sitting on your bedside collecting dust. Or that magazine you took to the beach and never opened. Well, here’s your chance to read and walk! Reading on the treadmill is a beautiful way to multitask; it's double duty… a two-for-one if you will. First, you are exercising your brain and your body. This is one of the best ways to stay active when dealing with a busy schedule. Plus, you're a trendsetter. Treadmill desks are becoming more popular as we become more educated on our health. So instead of curling up with a good book, hop on the treadmill and get mentally and physically strong. Then, take it up a notch while incorporating a brisk walk and incline. Multitasking has no limits!

5. Get Off Social Media

When it comes to social media… we can get stuck mindlessly scrolling and double-tapping the latest dance challenge. Next thing you know, an hour passed, and nothing got accomplished. As we develop into better versions of ourselves, we need to realize how to get the most out of our day, what’s holding us back, and when to take a healthy break. If you find yourself on social media for more than 15 min, stop and realize… you could have done some air squats, crunches, and situps. Let’s be more mindful of how we spend our time. But of course, after your workout, feel free to take a sweaty selfie to post and encourage others to exercise.

6. Stretch While Watching TV

We all have a favorite TV show and need to stretch, so why not make it a combo? So, instead of sitting on your sofa, get on the floor and increase your flexibility while watching your series. For those sitting at a desk all day, this is perfect for loosening up your body. Try stretches like figure 4 are great for opening the hips or fwd folds to target your hamstrings. As we get older, stretching becomes more critical. It keeps us limber, increases our range of motion, and less at risk of injury and pain. So, get up and stretch the next time you find yourself on the couch.

How to manage your time?

When finding time to exercise your body, you must find ways to manage the day. How can you prioritize, delegate, multitask, and plan to make your day run smoothly? First, you must learn how to use every minute of your day to stay productive. Here are some helpful tips to keep your workout routine consistent:

· Have your workout clothes laid out the night before.

· Schedule your workouts and give them importance.

· Hire an outside service to help you save time, like a housekeeper, if you can

· Set a goal for the day

· Set a screen time limit for your social media apps.

What can you use to manage your time and workout sessions?

Start with a list. Writing down everything you need to get done is a helpful way to manage the day. You can visibly see what needs to get done, prioritize your list, delegate minor tasks, and feel accomplished as your list gets checked off. Lists are proven to be helpful when achieving goals. When it comes to exercising, staying motivated and aware of your work progress is really important. However, you cannot expect results from day one – it’s a process that requires determination and consistency! Take baby steps; you will get there. So, Glampions, you can always find time to work out if you have the will to do so and use the right ways to manage your time. Soon, you will win over your hectic schedule and always have time to work out.

Try our 15-minute workouts and make your body feel the difference. For more healthy tips, check out more of our blogs!

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