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Meet Brittany

Creator of Glampions

My Vision

"My Vision for Glampions has always been the feeling of Success, having women feel confident and worthy through Glamorized fitness products, community, and time-friendly workouts."


Certified Fitness and Wellness Consultant 

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant focusing on women's health with more than 20 years of personal expertise in fitness and health.


live on-air fitness expert guest host for home shopping network (hsn).


Former NPC Bikini competitor and collegiate Track & Field athlete, a fit model for commercial brands, certified personal trainer, Ab & Glute Sculpting, and Mega Reformer modern Pilates instructor, plus a wellness influencer known for quick and effective HIIT workouts, and owner of GLAMPIONS, a fitness brand, and app for women on the go.

has a background in TV/Film production, establishing her television career at Tyler Perry Studios, assisting the Vice President/Producer on sitcoms and dramas for national broadcast and syndication. Later helped coordinate numerous scripted shows for TBS, NBC, Viacom, Starz, OWN, and A&E. Eventually, she produced and hosted her unscripted series "Finding Fit" in 2019 for the Barbados cable network, CaribVison.

"I've combined my love for fitness and background in the entertainment industry with building my "Wellness Infotainment" brand, creating content around fitness, healthy eating, living well, and travel."

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